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emry formworks

Shaping Communities
One Project at a Time

From foundations and formwork to intricate architectural concrete designs,
our experienced team can handle it all.


What We Do

Emry Formworks specializes in building custom formwork and foundations. This work is the biggest part of our business and we are proud to be a key player in supplying these services to the Central Okanagan construction industry.

We handle everything from smaller projects to large-scale jobs, including: condominiums, parkades, recreational facilities, multi-level structures, and high-rise buildings.

All of our clients have unique needs and requirements for their projects and contracts, and we have the experience to deliver multiple designs, on time and on budget.

High-Rise Structures

Emry Formworks builds innovative formwork for high-rise structures, such as apartment buildings and office towers.

Low-Rise Structures

We are experts at providing formwork for low-rise projects, like condominiums, schools, municipal buildings, and hotels.

Multi-Story Parkades

We work with architects to design formworks that support features like angled ramps, internal or external ramps, and efficient traffic circulation designs.

Single-Story Parkades

Single-story parkades are cost-effective solutions for condominiums as well as for smaller hotels, shopping centres, and public buildings.

Architectural Concrete

With challenges like curved walls, unusual geometries, and unique concrete finishes, building formwork for architectural concrete can be tricky but we’re up to the challenge. Bring us your concrete designs and we’ll help you turn them into attractive buildings.

In addition to formwork and foundation work we also provide several other services, including:

  • Tower crane rental and operation – We offer competitive rental and operator rates, along with certified expertise to ensure your materials are lifted and transferred safely and efficiently on site
  • Concrete pumping – If your concrete mix is pumpable, we have the equipment and the expertise to pump concrete exactly where you need it on site
  • Concrete placing and finishing – For other mixes, our crews will ensure that material segregation does not occur during placement and will finish the foundation if requested
  • Retaining wall construction – For steep-grade scenarios where erosion is a risk, we build retaining walls